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We’ll be developing a simple CRUD application developed using ReactJS and Firebase Firestore Database, firebase email/password auth for authentication, as well as firebase hosting to host the ReactJS app.

What we’ll build:

We’ll be building an online menu service for a restaurant. It’ll have a public side of the app where everyone can see which menu items the restaurant has and then there is an admin portal that requires login and upon login, the admin can add/update the menu.

Since we’ll be…

I recently worked on the implementation of OneSignal and this is a tutorial for anyone who is looking to implement push notifications using the same service or react native app.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Installing OneSignal Package
  • iOS Setup
  • Android Setup
  • Huawei Setup (Optional)
  • React-Native OneSignal Implementation
  • Testing

Installing OneSignal Package

Start by installing the package in your app

npm install --save react-native-onesignal

Head over to and create a new account.

iOS Setup

Give your app a name and select Apple iOS…

Huawei captures a good market percentage so it’s good to have your app there. This tutorial will cover everything there is to submit your app to AppGallery successfully

Build a release APK or ABB

Before we start deploying you need to build the APK or ABB of your app. Now, I’m not going to go over the process of how to create an APK or ABB from your react native project, All you need to make sure is…

This tutorial will help you understand the concept of Context API in the simplest way possible.

What we’ll do:

We’ll create two tabs in the tab bar and each tab will have four screens in a Navigation Stack.

In three of those screens, we’ll have TextInput where the user will enter a value, and on the 4th screen, we’ll access those three values of text fields using Context API.

A straightforward approach without using any wrapper of creating Facebook Login for your React Native app that works for both iOS and Android.

NOTE: I’m not going to implement it using firebase and it is implemented using React Native CLI project and some things might be different for people who have created the react project with Expo. The support for react-native-fbsdk was discontinued back in January so we won’t be using that but…

A straightforward approach of creating Google Sign In for a React Native app that works for both iOS and Android.

UPDATED: Nov 26, 2021, and tested the code still works. Made some updates in the final code as well as I added a possible error fix. The implementation is NOT using firebase and is implemented in a React Native CLI project and not expo.

Assuming you have already created a…

We’ll look at MINST Digits images dataset to build image classification neural network using DL4J

This is the second article of exploring DL4J library to learn deep learning concepts. In this we’ll work with our first image classification problem.


It is of high importance that you finish this tutorial first:


We’ll be using a famous dataset called MNIST (Basically the hello world of image classification)…

We’ll build a recommendation engine based on Coursera dataset to recommend courses to user by using a third party service called recombee.

Recombee is a platform that makes it easy for developers to create recommendation engine within minutes. Recombee has a “forever free” mode after the 30 days trial is over, unless you exceed the limits (20K monthly active users, 100K monthly recomms) so it’s a great way to integrate in your…

Build Iris Classification Neural Network using Deep Learning for Java (DL4J) library.

This is the first tutorial of a series of tutorials I’ll be writing in which you’ll work on building Neural Networks using DL4J (A Java-based deep learning library).


The only prerequisite is the knowledge of Java. If you have worked with basic Java SE and understand the basic Object-Oriented Programming…

CRUD and Search operations in ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC from scratch.

The Application:

Here is how the finished product will look like and work:

The web application we’re building is an employee database where HR can add information on employees. To achieve this we’ll cover all the basic concepts like Viewing records, editing, adding, searching, and deleting records. All of this will…

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